Best Cheap Gift Baskets Under $66 August 1, 2017 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

Some of the most affordable gift baskets out there for foodies

We have created the most comprehensive list of 17+ best cheap gift baskets that cost under $66. When it comes down to it, not many people like the search for that perfect gift.

When it comes to the internet, well all know that it has something to offer to everyone. It is a constant struggle to find a gift that we are going to be able to actually use for a reasonable price.

We all have those friends that love to eat and can really appreciate a good bit of every type of food out there. So much food out there can be shipped to our door but will obliterate your wallet. If you’re looking to upgrade you can see our full list of top gift baskets.

Out of the many options online, we are going to give you some very different options for food that is sendable, edible, and affordable.


Harry’s Gift Box

Harry and David's Discount fruit baskets

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Class and sophistication take time and money to maintain. Fortunately, we can maintain and enjoy the class with little time and less money! Harry’s Box gives juicy pears with a sweet kettle corn and quality meat and crackers. What’s easier than having fruit shipped right to your door?
This is reasonably priced at $40.
Cheap Gourmet baskets: The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

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Crammed with more goodies than your sweet tooth can handle, this gourmet basket is filled to the brim with sweets of quality and class.  From European style chocolate wafers to tropical island mix, this box has makes sure it reaches to the different corners of the world.

This classy basket is only $60.

The Connoisseur

inexpensive gift baskets

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Sweets, crackers and cheese, and genuine English tea. The Connoisseur basket gives a genuine taste of the world. Whether you are reliving memories of travel or preparing for travel this basket is sure to create a memory where the delicacies stand out.

$50 is a fair price to pay for a world traveler memory.


Summer David’s Gift Tower


Harry and David's affordable gift basket

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This signature basket, named after one of the founders of the company, includes fruit, sweets, and baked goods. This box is great for simply having small after meal sweets or fresh fruit for any occasion.


Super Sweet Snack Gift Basket

sweets and salties abound in this college care package gold mine

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Trying to find a food basket for a student? This Snack basket is perfect for finals week. Giving a taste of sweet and salty treats, this package gives one or two of each treat so you can try out each and discover your tastes.

This care package comprised of a variety is only $44

Wine Country Bon Appetit Gift Basket

Sweet and salty basket by

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Out of all the baskets of sweets, this one allows a sweet and classy solution. Containing over a dozen sweet savories, this basket has shot to the top of this companies ratings. Its not hard to see why this basket provide those goodies that anyone will find hard to resist.

For the amount of content in this basket, $40 seems like a steal!

Everyone’s Favorite Candy Basket

Candy Gift Basket

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Coming in three sizes, this candy basket includes all the classic candy bars to just give a taste of each. For many of the classic bars, this is great for a solution for trick-or-treating year round.

The regular size is only $32

Classic Meat and Cheese Gift Box

meat and cheese basket with mustard

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For the meat and cheese lovers among us, this basket is perfect. With 2 blocks of cheese, smoked sausage, hot mustard, and more, this box is a perfect fit for a one on one with someone you love. This Box comes in three sizes with a variety of more cheeses and sausages. After consuming, you will become crackers about cheese!


Classic Tower of Chocolates Gift

truffles galore box tower

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It’s said that a balanced diet looks like chocolate in both hands. Well, this box makes that saying come true! Containing gourmet popcorn, malt balls, truffles, and other goodies, this is a basket that the only regret you will have from it is that you ate it too fast.

This box is a steal at $60.

Breakfast Gift Box

cheap basket for breakfast

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Breakfast bed is one thing, but to have breakfast shipped to your house. If you think about all the time you put into making a classy breakfast, and how you devour more than enjoying the breakfast you took so long to make it can be a shame. With this box, you skip much of the prep and the time that makes you ravenous but rather lets you enjoy the food all the more. This box allows for more than just the one meal as well.

$35 is a reasonable price for explosive flavor with half the effort.

Signature Tower of Treats Gift

inexpensive gift basket for the classy people

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Unlike the chocolate box, this tower provides a healthier option for a one on one, adding nuts and fruit to the mix. If we didn’t have you then, do we have you know in terms of a sweet and enjoyable evening in?

$50 is all you need for this once (unless you want more) time experience.

As Good As Gold

Gourmet Gift Baskets: As Good As Gold

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With treats like an almond Roca, lemon wafers, a handful of mixes, and more, this basket has earned its titles as the gold box! Order it, enoy it, and when you’re done, order another!

For being the gold option, this basket sure is a steal at only $50.

Classic Sympathy Gift Basket

discount fruit baskets with cheese, apples, and pears

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Sending a get well soon or simply want to cheer someone up? This sympathy basket has everything to promote health, wealth, and happiness. Including 2 kinds of cheese, fruit, and more fruit, this basket allows for the perfect amount of forgiveness to be sent in return.

It only takes $50 to let someone know you feel for them.

Sympathy GiftTower

sweet discount fruit baskets with baked goods and

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If you are looking to send let a giant sweet tooth know you are thinking about them, be sure to get them this sympathy tower which allows for not only the fruity end, but the baked goods as well.

Sweet-tooth sympathy toll is only $50 to cross.

Care Package Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler

epic college care package with lots of snacks and bars

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Looking for another care package to send to a student or just a live in son? This box gives the perfect amount of salt and push that they will be neccisary in their time of need.

This package is reasonably priced at $58.

Pasta Gift Basket

wine gift baskets free shipping for pasta

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For all the wanna be Italians out there, or even for the Italians looking to claim back their heritage, the pasta basket allows you to get into the culture and try a new non-ramen way to try pasta. Mangia! Mangia!

This box won’t go pasta your budget at only $60.

Classic Orchard Gift Basket

fresh fruit basket with healthy snacks

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Looking for the perfect healthy option but feel like you don’t have time to go shopping for fresh fruits? Look for Harry and David’s Orchard basket including dried fruit, apples, pears, and even a genuine wooden basket.

Get you fruit fill at only $55.

Starbucks Special Sweets & Treats Gift Basket (our personal favorite)

The best starbucks box out there

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Last, but by no means the least, for the coffee drinker in 83% of us, Starbucks offers a coffee, tea, and sides for a steal price. This box includes coffees, teas, cookies, shortbread, and even a starbucks mug for only…



So going forward, all you have to do is Order, Enjoy, and Repeat! If you are looking for something a bit more upscale but still affordable see our list of great tasting bargon wine baskets.