Best Gifts for Dad under $35 June 7, 2017 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

When it comes to giving gifts, some people just seem impossible to get gifts for. Who wants the uncertainty of buying an overpriced gift where there is no certainty of liking it or not? We are here to help! Here are 10 gifts under $35 that your man will love.


  1. TileMate ($25)

For the Dad with little kids or just a lot on his plate, this compact, app-based tracker ensures to make things a little less hectic around the house.

  1. A vinyl record/CD ($20)

Memories are valued by everyone. Bringing back one of his childhood favorites might show you a side of him that you never knew was there.

  1. Spending time with him or sharing an experience ($0)

When it comes to gifts, something as basic as spending an afternoon going for a bike ride or walk can be very meaningful.

  1. Wood and leather watch($22)

Whether your man is a techie or not, this is a great tool to revamp and relax a reading father.

  1. A tobacco & amber ($35) scented candle

What man doesn’t love the smell of the outdoors or class. This gift can put the man smell back in the man cave.

  1. Cold brew coffee maker ($26)

Making that refreshing cup of cold brew always tastes good but not as much when it is hard to make or overpriced. This tool helps the two of you enjoy a glass of cold brew without any of the worry or cost.

  1. Portable Hammock ($26)

Whether your man is an outdoor man or just one who enjoys a good walk, this hammock allows for a comfortable place to rest his head and relax almost anywhere. Built for two this is a great gift if you enjoy going on walks as a couple.

  1. Wine tasting ($24)

Avoid the cost of wine tasting and bring it right to your own home.

  1. Wooden phone case ($25)

This durable case isn’t just for looks. For the rough and tumble of a man’s phone, this case keeps your phone safe without a thick, rubber, hard to use case.

  1. Bluetooth Grill Thermometer ($27)

This thermometer is perfect for any grill master, allowing him to enter into the social interaction rather than just sticking by the grill.

When it comes to the gifting season, opportunities are limitless but time is limited.

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