Best Gourmet Gift Baskets [Updated 2018] January 5, 2018 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

If you are browsing the best gourmet gift baskets available, it means that you want to make a statement using more than just words. You intend to show your recipient that they deserve delicacies of the highest quality, arranged with care and good taste.

A unique gift basket can be a great way to show your utmost respect. You can use them to tell a loved one that you want them to be happy. If they like surprises, a gift basket is sure to be a welcome one.

Conversely, gifts can help you establish new connections, both in the professional world and your personal life. Even if you don’t know someone very well, you can delight them by finding a gourmet arrangement they will love.

But choosing gift baskets presents a challenge and a commitment. After all, there is a breathtaking variety of options to choose from. How do you find the basket that will convey the statement that you wish to make?

Looking to spend a bit more? Check out our list of the most expensive gift baskets. Each costs over $450.

This article will give you an overview of the top rated gift baskets grouped by type. You will find it much easier to shop once you know what your options are. Given that these baskets are designed to please the eye as well as the taste buds, you may even end up enjoying the process.

Please consider this selection of the best delicacies, from gourmet cheeses to coffee and beyond.

Cheese Gift Baskets

Cheese gifts are both festive and long-lasting. They can add some grandeur to any special gathering, or they can simply be a sign of care, gratitude, or support.

Celebrate with Champagne, Caviar and Cheese Gift Basket

Cheese Gift Baskets

Fine cheese and caviar make a perfect match, and the fact that this caviar is made of kelp doesn’t diminish that harmony. Since there is champagne as well, this basket is a perfect way to mark a special occasion.

There are three kinds of cheeses here: camembert, cheddar, and a delicious sheep milk cheese from Tuscany. All three types are selected to match the champagne, which is made by traditional methods from Chardonnay grapes. As the champagne is light and slightly herbal, it matches the kelp caviar too.

Black kelp and red kelp caviar are both included. This basket is an appropriate gift for vegetarians who want to avoid eating fish eggs but enjoy the tang of caviar.

Additionally, your recipient can enjoy a jar of delicious clotted cream and a selection of high-quality crackers and mini toasts. But there are sweet delicacies to choose from as well: chocolate truffles, cookies, and French salted butter caramels.

It is also worth noting that this gift basket contains a serving knife and cheese board. Thus, it can make an appropriate office gift or housewarming present.

Wisconsin Indulgence Gift Basket

Cheese Gift Baskets

Every item in this gift basket was made in Wisconsin. They were all carefully selected to cover a wide variety of tastes and textures. Even the basket is Wisconsin-themed, and it can make a great keepsake.

Cheddar is the centerpiece of this arrangement. In addition to creamy and musty cheddar cheeses, your recipient will be able to enjoy the sharp tang of eight-year old vintage cheddar. This makes a delicious snack, and it is also a key ingredient in many well-loved gourmet recipes.

Furthermore, there are earthy and nutty reserve cheeses to choose from. Sartori Montamore is included too. It is the perfect cheese for those who love a fruity tang.

There is a smoked summer sausage that goes very well with all types of cheese. The delicious cranberry hazelnut crisps provide a satisfying crunch. For dessert, there is Burke’s candy, which completes the Wisconsin experience.

DEAN & DELUCA Cheese, Fruit and Nut Basket

Cheese Gift Baskets

This basket offers cheeses from all over the country, combined with sweet and savory delicacies.

Aged cheeses are both delicious and have remarkable health benefits. This basket contains one-year aged cheddar as well as aged Gouda. To match the cheese, there is also a jar of balsamic fig chutney. This, made in Virginia, chutney has a very layered and unforgettable taste.

The basket is also filled with roasted almonds, dried Bing cherries, and high-quality cheese crisps. Additionally, there is a collection of fresh fruits. Thus, this gift is full of unexpected but delightful taste combinations.

Between the fruit, the cheese, and the attractive jar of chutney, this basket is remarkably decorative. The packaging is both elegant and rustic, and it contains a quality wooden cheese knife.

Popcorn Gift Baskets

Gourmet popcorn gifts are a great choice if you’re shopping for close friends or relatives. This is a fairly informal gift, that can be the perfect snack for friendly get-togethers.

Jubilee Popcorn Tin by King of POP

Popcorn Gift Baskets

For special occasions, you can’t go wrong with this cheerful celebratory popcorn tin. It has an eye-catching but restrained design that will allow the recipient to keep the tin on their desk or living room shelf. Since there is a lid as well, the tin can be a great place to store anything from food to letters.

When you order this arrangement, you will be able to choose between two popcorn flavor combinations: Traditional and People’s Choice.

If you go with the Traditional combination, your recipient will receive an attractive compilation of butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, and cheddar popcorn. People’s Choice is similar but slightly more adventurous, as it replaces plain butter popcorn with kettle corn.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or a more distant acquaintance, this gift is sure to elicit smiles and an enjoyable snacking experience.

Popcornopolis 5-Cone Gift Basket

Popcorn Gift Baskets

This gift basket can make movie night a festive occasion. If you want to make a lasting impression, you can go for the limited edition golden gift box.

All five cones contain certified gluten-free gourmet popcorn. Not only is the packaging highly decorative, it will keep the popcorn fresh for a very long time. Your recipient may prefer to set aside a cone or two for later.

There are five flavors of popcorn:

  • Zebra Popcorn (trademarked by Popcornopolis)
  • Caramel
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Kettle Corn

Your recipient will love this compilation of sweet and salty popcorn, and they will take pleasure in sharing this gift with friends. Zebra Popcorn is a visual treat as well, being covered in dark and light stripes of caramel and chocolate.

The Popcorn Factory Leaves on Gold Sampler

Popcorn Gift Baskets

Although popcorn is still the main component, this beautiful sampler comes with an arrangement of treats. They are packed in a decorative golden box with lid and ribbon.

You can choose between five different messages, delivered on a golden tag. These can convey congratulations, condolences and birthday well-wishes. There is a tag for thank-you gifts and one that simply says “Thinking of You”.

The gourmet popcorn in this gift comes in three flavors: cheese, cracked pepper, and drizzled caramel. Additionally, the sampler contains rich honey-roasted peanuts and a pack of chocolate chip cookies. Candy lovers will be delighted by the inclusion of Pixies, Sour Stars, and good old hard sour candies.

This basket is a great choice if you’re shopping for a family with children. Between the popcorn, the nuts, the candies and the cookies, it contains something for everyone.

Wine Gift Baskets

Wine is a classic gift choice for a good reason. By choosing the finest wines and snacks, you can provide a memorable and joyous experience.

Cakebread Duo Wine Gift Basket

Wine Gift Baskets

This elegant composition is centered around a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of Chardonnay.

Cabernet Sauvignon is an elegant and velvety red wine, with an aroma that hints at black currants. Chardonnay is a drier white wine with an oaky flavor. The contrast between these two tastes makes these wines a perfect match.

This uniquely shaped wood basket also contains gourmet snacks that are selected to bring out the flavor of the wines. It comes with a gourmet summer sausage and a wheel of gourmet cheese, as well as pretzels and deli-style crackers. A special snack mix is provided too, consisting of peanuts, pretzel nuggets, and cheddar cheese crackers.

Those who like to pair wine with dessert will not be disappointed either. In addition to two types of delicious wafers, your recipient can enjoy roasted peanuts covered in butter toffee.

For those of you looking for a more affordable option see our article on cheap wine baskets.

Super Grand Gourmet Wine Quartet Gift Basket

Wine Gift Baskets

Once again, this basket contains both Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Since they are widely-loved wines that go well together, they form the basis of many gourmet wine arrangements.

In this case, there are two more wines included: a Zinfandel from Alexander Valley and a Brut Prestige. While the Zinfandel is a well-balanced red wine with hints of raspberry, the Brut Prestige is a complex and elegant sparkling wine. It is layered and evokes citrus and vanilla.

To match these wines, there is a selection of snacks and dips. This includes Godiva chocolate truffles, Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn, caramel popcorn, various cookies, biscotti and milk chocolate.

When it comes to salty and savory snacks, there are olives and various cheeses, but the smoked salmon stands out.

Smoked salmon is traditionally paired with Zinfandel. To enjoy this basket to the fullest, your recipient may enjoy looking up wine pairing recommendations. If they are already a connoisseur, this basket is sure to delight them.

Griffin’s Floral Design California Vines

Wine Gift Baskets

Here is a colorful selection of the best wines and delicacies California has to offer. They are presented in a practical wicker basket with a cheery orange ribbon.

This time, the Chardonnay and Cabernet are combined with Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine originating from Bordeaux. All three wines were grown in the California wine country. Furthermore, the basket contains Californian hard fruit candies and smoked almonds as well.

Other local delicacies include sourdough crisps, local cheese, and salami. But there are also a few international treats in this basket. This includes a Ghirardelli milk chocolate and caramel bar, as well as English tea cookies and Dolcetto wafer cookies.

This basket is the perfect gift for anyone who cares deeply about Californian cuisine or feels connected to the state. But you can also gift it to curious wine lovers who like expanding their horizons.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate can be a lovely intimate gesture, perfect for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Beyond that, gourmet chocolate makes an appropriate gift in nearly every context.

Shari’s Berries Chocolate Lover’s Dream Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Just as the name suggests, this basket comes with desserts that will charm any chocolate connoisseur.

The contents include creamy caramels, toffee balls, and malt balls. The caramels are paired with sea salt as well as chocolate.

In contrast to the softness of these snacks, the basket offers crunchy chocolate-covered cashews and other nuts. Those who love rare treats will adore the lemon crème almonds and the white chocolate lemon pistachio bark.

As for chocolate-covered fruit, this basket comes with a splendid variety of berries. There are also orange slices dipped in dark chocolate. Finally, the basket includes chocolate brittles and both chocolate pretzels and frosted pretzels.

If you want to cheer up a loved one, surprise your host, or even make a very lasting first impression, this basket is a very appropriate choice. You can custom-order a ribbon with any message you like.

Godiva Chocolate Celebration Basket, Classic Ribbon

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Godiva chocolate is known across the world for its proud, century-old tradition of quality and variety. This elegant basket offers all the basics and holds a few surprises as well.

There are seven pieces in total:

  • Smooth milk chocolate, a Godiva classic.
  • A Godiva milk chocolate bar, which is an extremely popular innovation.
  • A 19-piece box of tiny chocolates and pralines, with smooth or crunchy fillings.
  • A smaller, 8-piece box of Belgian Both boxes are gold-wrapped.
  • A large bag of individually wrapped chocolate caramels.
  • A tiny box of four chocolate and caramel truffles.
  • A large box of nineteen milk chocolate truffles. These are all individually wrapped as well, in a way that is reminiscent of hard candies. Until the truffles get eaten, your recipient can place them in a bowl and use them as decoration.

The basket itself is very simple, but the lovely satin ribbon gives it an extra air of dignity and celebration.

Ultimate Ghirardelli Gift Collection Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Baskets

If your recipient loves Ghirardelli products, they will be thrilled to receive this collection of Ghirardelli’s best.

There are many dark chocolate and milk chocolate treats to choose from here. Ghirardelli chocolate drops are a delicate and zesty experience, as are the caramels and other sweet and salty snacks.

In addition to the chocolate covered cashews, there is toasted coconut covered in milk chocolate. For cold or rainy afternoons, this basket offers two packs of peppermint hot cocoa powder. There are wafers and a peppermint bark bar as well.

Though the basket design is simple, the variety of offered treats makes this an attractive gift. It is the perfect present for any large get-together. You could delight your coworkers with this enormous selection as well.

Italian Gift Baskets

These baskets make a thoughtful gift for lovers of Italian culture and cuisine.

Fit for a King Basket

Italian Gift Baskets

This gift basket offers a carefully chosen combination of delicacies, including a wide selection of desserts.

In addition to the high-quality pasta, there is marinara sauce and roasted garlic sauce. The garlic citrus seasonings will delight anyone who enjoys cooking.

But there is a wide selection of snacks as well. Bruschetta is a crucial element of Italian cuisine. In this basket, it is seasoned with roasted red pepper. Both the bruschetta and the garlic-rosemary crackers are complemented with herbed olives and a wheel of fine cheddar cheese.

Since this basket is designed to offer finger foods, there are smoked almonds and puff pastries to choose from. There are a few hints of international influence as well: Belgian biscuits and seasoned American pretzels. For dessert, there are chocolate wafer squares and three types of gourmet cookies.

Di Bruno Bros. Abbondanza Gift Box

Italian Gift Baskets

The antipasto is a uniquely Italian course which is becoming well-loved worldwide. The Abbondanza Gift Box contains enough delicacies for several delicious antipasti. Anyone who loves a refined selection of Italian tastes and scents will enjoy this box of cheeses, spreads, jams, and other delights.

The cheddar in this box comes from New York and it combines beautifully with the authentic Italian Soppressata. Since the Soppressata is mild, it is fit for any palate. Those who enjoy spicier delicacies will love the pepper shooters.

Cheese spread is included as well, and it is spicy in a different way. Seasoned with garlic and red chiles, this spread can make a delicious dip or cooking ingredient. Olive oil crostini is the perfect snack to go with it.

This gift box also offers exciting dessert options. Caramels are a popular choice and they combine surprisingly well with cheese, while the Black Lava Cashews merge sweetness with salt. Lastly, nobody will be able to resist the zesty sweetness of fig and acacia honey jam.

Italian Pantry Gift Basket by DITALIA

Italian Gift Baskets

Here is a great choice for a close family member who enjoys cooking and loves to experiment in the kitchen. It can also be a thoughtful thank you gift for a host who has cooked for you.

This beautiful black crate contains nineteen different supplies that will allow the recipient to create authentic Italian meals.

There are two different kinds of hand-cut pasta, as well as carnaroli rice, perfect for risotto. In addition to hot pepper sauce and puttanesca sauce, this basket offers salted capers and anchovies for zest.

Balsamic vinegar has been rising in popularity since the nineties. The subtly acidic vinegar in this crate is wholly organic and USDA-certified, and it is made from Italian grapes. Additionally, there is a decorative and healthy six-piece salt stack.

Oil is an important part of traditional Italian cooking. This elegant bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil will make an excellent salad dressing as well as a condiment.

Cantuccini is the main snack in this basket, as well as syrup-covered and chocolate-covered cherries. Wood-roasted espresso beans provide the perfect final touch.

Tea Gift Baskets

Since tea is universally loved, it is the perfect choice for corporate gift baskets and personalized gifts for any occasion. These specialty baskets will let your recipient experience new flavors, but they can also provide familiar tastes and scents.

Irish Tea Gift Basket

Tea Gift Baskets

Irish teas have a long and proud history, and they are among the highest quality teas in the world. Assam tea is a strong black tea, while Irish Breakfast tea is a blend. It is milder than Assam tea, but it comes with a gentle creamy texture and a malty tang.

The basket contains a hunter green teapot too, which makes it a great choice for a housewarming present.

Jams go very well with black tea. Your recipient will get two decorative jars of preserves: one is made from strawberries, the other from raspberries. To complete the domestic effect of this basket, there is also a small jar of clotted cream.

Scones and shortbreads are an important addition to this basket as well. These are both Irish in origin, and they will make a delicious base for the clotted cream and the jams. All in all, this basket provides a cozy and authentically Irish experience.

Murchie’s Deluxe Tea Gift Basket

Tea Gift Baskets

Tea lovers will be delighted by the variety offered here.

Earl Grey tea has a rich history and a truly unique taste that comes from bergamot orange rind oil. But Murchie’s also offers a selection of blends that will provide an unforgettable brewing experience.

The Balmoral Blend is full-bodied, while Murchie’s Afternoon Tea is light and delicate. Those who love sweet teas will enjoy the No. 10 Blend and the Government Street Blend. Daring tea lovers will enjoy the smoky aroma of the Gunpowder Extra Choice Tea or the malty caramel tang of Paris Afternoon Loose Tea.

There is also Rose Congou Loose Tea, which contains delicate rose petals, and Apricot Tea for fans of fruity aromas.

In addition to this enticing selection, this gift basket is both decorative and contains all the necessary supplies: tea bags, an infuser, and even a tin for storage. Your recipient will be able to enjoy this gift for a long time.

Harry & David Holiday Tea Assortment

Tea Gift Baskets

If you’re shopping for the holiday season, this simple but charming decorative gift tin may be your best option. It contains six different kinds of tea, with ten bags of each flavor.

All six gourmet tea flavors evoke the holiday spirit.

In particular, there is herbal tea flavored with holiday berries, as well as gingerbread-flavored black tea. Peppermint green tea is a festive choice too, and it comes with a number of significant health benefits.

Orange spice and apple chai are well-loved choices at any time of the year. There is also a unique tea blend that will delight anyone who enjoys new experiences. This is the Moose Munch caramel nut black tea.

The gift tin is sturdy, elegant, and it is a collectible. Your recipient can use it to store precious memories, or they can simply make it a part of their usual holiday decorations. Most importantly, this tin will keep all the teas fresh and aromatic for a very long time.

Fruit Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for get well gift baskets, fruit may be your best option. Gourmet fruit baskets are also an appropriate thank you gift, and they can be a beautiful gesture of support in the workplace or in your personal life.

GiftTree Fruit and Gourmet Delight

Fruit Gift Baskets

This gift is perfect for travelers and anyone who has a taste for adventure or nostalgia.

This combination of fruit and sweet treats arrives in a wooden trunk with elegant old-world details, such as brass rivets. The walls of the trunk are decorated with world maps. While the wood has an authentic weatherworn look, the trunk is extremely sturdy.

Since your recipient will definitely want to keep it and use it, GiftTree offers personalization options during checkout. You can order an antique brass plaque, engraved with a monogram, name, or a very short quote. For cutting through the delicate satin ribbon, your recipient will even get a pair of free scissors.

The contents of this gift fully live up to the beautiful packaging. In addition to fresh apples, pears, and oranges, there are fresh pistachios and delectable chocolate cherries. Your recipient is sure to love the elegant Godiva chocolate and the dark chocolate pastilles as well.

Manhattan Fruitier Tropical Fruit Hamper

Fruit Gift Baskets

Anyone would enjoy this beautiful bamboo gift hamper filled with both fresh and dried fruits. The colors and aromas make this gift festive despite the simple packaging.

Your recipient will receive dried mango, dried pineapple, and Australian crystallized ginger. These all make refreshing zesty snacks.

When it comes to fresh fruit, the exact contents of the hamper may vary. It will definitely contain better-known fruits such as papaya, pineapple, and mango, but Manhattan Fruitier will also include some delicious rarities. For example, your recipient may discover carambola, loquats and cactus pears.

Show your acquaintance or loved one that you appreciate their curious nature by providing them with these rare treats. Given the variety and freshness of the tropical fruits, you can be sure this gift will leave a lasting impression.

Organic Fruit Jubilee Basket by The Fruit Company

Fruit Gift Baskets

If you know that your recipient cares deeply about only consuming organic fruits, this option is sure to delight them. All the fruits and nuts in this assortment are USDA-certified organic.

This includes six crisp pears, five apples, and a mango. All of them were handpicked and guaranteed to arrive fresh and juicy. Additionally, there is a rich, flavorful cherry spread and a crunchy cherry cashew bar, complete with sesame seeds.

To balance out the sweetness of the fruits, this basket contains an all-organic trail mix. Health-conscious recipients will love the wheat crackers as well. There is also an irresistible package of dark chocolate almonds that are sure to lift anyone’s mood.

Presentation is important as well, and The Fruit Company doesn’t disappoint. The basket itself has an easy-to-carry rustic design that won’t look out of place even in the most luxurious dining rooms.

Coffee Gift Baskets

Gourmet coffee can be the perfect choice for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift baskets. You can also go for coffee if you wish to treat someone at your workplace.

Coffee Connoisseur Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets

Every gift in this decorative dark-stained basket is hand-crafted and tied with a bow.

Your recipient can enjoy premium Colombian coffee, as well as hazelnut cappuccinos and flavorings such as butterscotch. Chocolate-covered coffee beans are included as a special treat. There is even a metallic travel coffee mug, complete with a lid.

If you are shopping for someone who enjoys dipping cookies in coffee, this basket is sure to make them smile. They will be able to choose from many different wafers and cookies. But some of the desserts in this basket are coffee-themed too, and coffee lovers will find those just as exciting.

There are espresso-glazed almonds and espresso coffee candy from Bali. Between tiramisu pastry cookies, English toffee caramels and Caramel Cappuccino Java Bon Bon Candy, this basket includes delicacies from all around the world.

Carolina Coffee Company Tinfully Terrific

Coffee Gift Baskets

You can show your recipient that you know them very well by ordering this custom gift with their favorite coffee blends.

The simple online ordering process will allow you to choose between whole bean and universal ground coffees. Depending on your recipient’s preferences, you may want to go with:

  • Organic Peruvian French-Roast, which provides a powerful kick and a slightly nutty taste.
  • Hazelnut blends and hazelnut decaf blends.
  • Carolina Espresso, which is perfect for creamy afternoon coffee.
  • Special occasion blends, for Christmas or Wedding Day coffee.

Once you have selected four of the many available blends, it is also up to you to choose the perfect gift tin. There is a classic gray tin, some winter-themed ones, a patriotic stars-and-stripes tin, and a decorative one with a floral design.

Your recipient will be able to explore new coffees, try old favorites, and use the gift tin for any type of storage.

Coffee Beanery Office Party Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets

This gift is perfect for any type of party, as it comes with five practical travel mugs, and an extremely wide selection of coffees, teas, and even cocoa. Each of the seventeen coffee samplers will be enough for six to eight cups of coffee, so this gift can help you host a large number of people.

Those who have a traditional taste in coffee will love the Italian Roast, the Colombian Supremo Specialty and a number of other classical blends.

But there is also a delicious selection of flavored coffees. The flavors include coconut, French vanilla, hazelnut, and toasted almond. There are also unusual options such as caramel pecan pie, cherries or caramel apples.

There are also seven different types of flavored teas, so nobody will feel left out. The teas come in fine rare flavors too.

Meat Gift Baskets

Gourmet meat gifts can make a lasting impression, both in personal and professional settings. These gift baskets can all be purchased online.

Hickory Farms Meat & Sweet Gift Box

Meat Gift Baskets

This gift box can make an excellent party gift or care package for anyone who enjoys spicy gourmet treats.

The highly decorative arrangement contains two types of Hickory Farms summer sausage, made of premium North American beef that was smoked on hickory wood.

Signature Beef Summer Sausage is an award-winner, and it is seasoned with pepper and mustard seeds. Those who enjoy spicier meats may go for the Spicy & Savory Summer Sausage instead. There are smoked and farmhouse cheddars to enjoy as well.

Additionally, the box contains pineapple-honey mustard. This condiment can be paired with the toasted rosemary crackers. But those with a sweet tooth can enjoy this gift too. Peppermint snow mints are a well-known treat, and there is also a bag of spiced almonds to snack on.

Dan the Sausageman’s Mt. Rainier Gourmet Gift Basket

Meat Gift Baskets

You can surprise family members, co-workers and friends with this assortment of Pacific Northwest cheese and meat delicacies packed in an elegant pine crate.

In addition to summer sausage and roasted garlic red pepper sausage, this gift basket contains Swiss cheese and Wisconsin cheddar. The sweet hot mustard will make a delicious dip for both the sausages and the included pretzels. Since most of its contents are delightfully hot and spicy, this gift basket is named in honor of Mt. Rainier volcano.

The selection of sweet delicacies includes a cranberry pistachio mix, which makes this a particularly good gift option if you are shopping for a student. After all, both cranberries and nuts are well-loved snacks that can improve concentration and make studying easier.

Finally, Dan the Sausageman provides delicious light caramels and chocolate truffles, which make this basket well-rounded and memorable.

The Crew’s Choice #2b by 10th and M Seafoods

Meat Gift Baskets

Seafood gift baskets are a unique choice. If you’re shopping for someone who has an interest in cooking, fishing, or Alaskan culture, this woven basket is sure to be welcome.

It includes three different types of smoked salmon. According to the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, salmon is among the best types of fish for cardiovascular health.

Smoked salmon can be prepared in a number of ways. Hence, this basket comes with a cookbook, presenting your recipient with a delightful selection of seafood recipes. There is even a fish-themed oven mitt, which makes this an amusing gift as well as a thoughtful one.

Furthermore, there is a reindeer sausage, which may be something your recipient has never tried before. To match the meat and seafood, there are gourmet crackers as well as gourmet cheese.

Beer Gift Baskets

Beer gift baskets and buckets are rising in popularity. A selection of beers can make a good corporate gift, housewarming present, or just a delightful new experience for anyone who enjoys the art of beer. International Beer Gift Basket

Beer Gift Baskets

By getting this compilation of six imported beers, you will give your recipient a memorable international experience. Globetrotters will appreciate your thoughtfulness, but even those who usually go for American-brewed beers may appreciate the variety of flavors this gift basket has to offer.

To match the exciting combination of beers, this basket contains an eclectic collection of gourmet snacks from all across the country. This includes beef summer sausage and a cheddar dip. Cheese straws and peppercorn cheese wedges will delight cheese lovers and bring out the smoky taste of beers.

Your recipient will also be able to enjoy butter flavored pretzels, beer biscuits, a trail mix, cashew beer nuts and cheddar-bacon flavored popcorn. The crispy chili and cranberry bar can be a great snack option on a later occasion.

Finally, the Jelly Belly jelly beans and Jersey Devil dark chocolate make a perfect dessert.

Bro Basket Beer & Beef Jerky Gift Basket

Beer Gift Baskets

This sturdy dark wood crate comes with six Firestone beers and a selection of snacks and valuable keepsakes.

The most important elements of this basket are the three cans of 805 Blonde Ale and three cans of Union Jack IPA beer.

There’s a bag of special beef jerky based on a recipe from the Philippines, but there is also Country Archer Jerky, which is familiar to many beer-lovers. Those who love spicy snacks will enjoy trying out the two different kinds of Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky.

Since it’s designed to be shared with a friend, the crate contains two koozies. The koozies will keep the beer cans cool for a long while, which will allow your recipient to take their time and savor the rich taste.

Other extras include a pint glass, some high-quality popcorn, and two elegant Bro-Basket coasters. You can choose to include a greeting card with a personal message as well.

GiveThemBeer Top Rated 6 Pack Beer Gift Basket

Beer Gift Baskets

Here is an arrangement consisting of the six highest-rated US craft beers. They are handpicked for quality, based on rankings from prestigious sites like Rate Beer and Beer Advocate. Here is the full list of included beers:

  • Jai Alai IPA – by Cigar City Brewing
  • Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewery
  • Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point Brewing
  • Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ by Lagunitas Brewing
  • Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery
  • Hop Ottin’ by Anderson Valley Brewery

Craft beers have a culture of their own. If you know your recipient is interested in this culture, they are sure to have opinions about the top ranking.

Additionally, there is a rich selection of gourmet snacks to choose from, including pistachios, beer nuts, and chocolate sea salt brittle.

The packaging will leave an impression too. Instead of the traditional wicker basket, this beer gift basket comes in a polished metal bucket. There is a greeting card included, as well as a stainless steel bottle opener.

A Final Word

When it comes to choosing the best gourmet gift baskets, you should trust your judgment and take your time.

If you’re shopping for someone you don’t know very well, exercise caution and gather information. Meat, wine, and beer gifts may be inappropriate for religious or lifestyle reasons. Medical conditions and allergies might be a concern as well.

In cases where you have no way of learning more about the recipient, tea or fruit baskets may be the best option.

On the other hand, if you know that your recipient enjoys a certain type of treat, an appropriate present can be the best way to show them that you are paying attention. Demonstrating that you notice and remember small details is a very good way to build trust in any type of relationship.