Top 10 Houston Gift Baskets January 18, 2018 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

Filled with traditional Texan specialties, Houston gift baskets bring you delicious local treats that are famous nation-wide. They bring a distinct feeling of the south, a combination of spicy, crunchy and nutritious treats.

The largest city in Texas and the “dining-out” capital of the USA, Houston is known for its ethnic diversity, which has greatly influenced its cuisine. Different parts of the city are populated by different ethnic groups, so going through Houston you will see a lot of Nigerian, Mexican, Korean, and Pakistani restaurants. All of these distinct flavors were mixed with domestic cuisine, to create a great, Texas-specific feel to Houston specialties.

If you want someone to get a true taste of “The Space city”, take a look at some of the best Houston gift baskets and make your choice!

1. Merry Texmas

Merry Christmas Texas Style

With the holidays coming closer, this wonderful collection of Texas treats makes a unique Christmas gift. It is packed with tortilla chips, salsa, peanut brittle, pecans, and topped off with some cinnamon graham Wild West cookies.

2. Mrs. Fields’ Classic Crate

Cookie box red

A beautiful crate filled with some delicious bite-sized sweets will never disappoint. In the crate, you get a bunch of delightful, home-made specialties with yummy decorations, making this a perfect cookie gift for your loved ones.

3. Big Tex Gift Box

Texas box gift basket

A true Tex-Mex masterpiece, this gift box is filled with famous sauces we all love. Whether you want to make it mild, spicy or extra, extra spicy, this gift set has got it all! Enjoy some classic jalapeno jelly, BBQ sauce, and even the award winning Truly Texas chili mix.

4. Texas Spirit

Texas gift basket

Feel the true spirit of Texas! In this special gift box, you will find some local specialties, wrapped up in Texas motives. Texan pecans are a real gourmet snack, and, in this gift basket, you get glazed pecans, chocolate covered pecans, and chocolate pecan fudge.

5. Hand-dipped Caramel Apples – Nut Lover Collection

Carmel Apples

It’s hard to resist the delicious caramel and apple combination, especially when combined with some crunchy nuts. Some crisp-tart Granny Smiths, rolled in creamy caramel and crispy nuts make for a great holiday gift.

6. The Houston Gift Basket

Houston gift baskets

We can’t talk about Houston gift baskets without mentioning the ultimate one. This one has got it all – tortilla chips, salsa dip, firecracker snack mix, caramel milk chocolate, you name it. The box is filled with some savory snacks and labeled with sweet Texas motives.

7. Texas Hospitality

Patriotic gift basket

The gourmet foods in this basket bring you all of Texas’ great flavors. The basket itself is Texas-shaped, and it contains such foods as the classic Texas Peppermint Taffy, Texas Chewy Pralines, tortilla chips, salsa, and all sorts of local snacks. A great combination of salty and sweet treats, this box is a perfect gift for all foodies.

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8. Hand-Dipped Christmas Cherries & Full Dozen Christmas Strawberries

Chocolate Strawberries

Shari’s Berries is one of the most popular sweet spots in the city, and when you take a look at this delicious treat, it’s easy to see why. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a favorite, so with this fruit snack, you can never go wrong.

9. Large Gift Pecan Tin

Texas Pecan Tin Gift

Pecans are a traditional Houston snack, and in this beautifully designed tin can they look as good as they taste. Whether you choose the traditional Texas flag design, or a more Christmas-y pattern, these holiday treats can be a great gift for all nut lovers.

10. Texas Plate

Texas gift basket with wine and sauces

These plates from a popular Houston store, Leibman’s, give you some of Texas’ classic treats, like chewy pecan pralines, cheese straws, and even a domestic wine. We recommend going for the largest plate, since it offers the largest variety of snacks and drinks.

If you are looking for Houston gift baskets to treat someone, we hope we’ve made your choice easier. But, make no mistake, whichever of these gift boxes you choose, it will surely bring a traditional Houston feeling to those who try them.