Best Cheap Wine Gift Baskets with Free Shipping January 6, 2018 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

If you are trying to find the best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping, you will probably find that there aren’t many providers of this service. Many of these baskets are quite expensive and quite hard to find at an affordable price. This can be a problem if you are holiday shopping for a wine lover, as wine gift baskets can be a perfect choice. They have everything – a nice bottle of wine and some chocolate, sweets, or lovely gourmet foods to go along with it. Especially if you want the gift baskets delivered straight to their doorstep – shipment expenses can end up costing you almost as much as the gift itself.

Since the holiday season is right here, we have made a selection of best wine gift baskets with free shipping. Affordable, and yet original, these holiday gifts will surely impress your loved ones, and make sure you get the most value for your money.

1. Vino Italiano Red Wine Gift Box

best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping

Our first gift basket comes straight from Italy. Complemented with some delicious sweets, such as Ferrero Rocher fine hazelnut cookies and Frolletti chocolate chip cookies, this wine basket is a perfect choice for all chocolate lovers. The wine itself comes from the Chianti region of Tuscany, famous for its lovely flavors of bitter almond and cherry, while you also get the cream filled puff pastry – a traditional Italian sweet.

You get everything wrapped in a minimalistic, yet neatly decorated gift box. More than just a crate filled with sweets, this holiday basket brings you the spirit of Mediterranean, with original Italian wine and crispy candy.

2. Brick Lane Wine Works Cabernet Basket

best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping

This little box of delight has it all – a great wine, some savory snacks, sweets, and even olives! The wine is a California red – Bricklane Wine Works cabernet sauvignon, with cherry and vanilla aromas. Since wine and cheese are quite a famous combination, this wine comes with some tasty brie cheese spread, along with sesame crackers and baguette crisps.

Everything is rounded up with some chocolate hazelnut cookies, tied with a copper ribbon and bow, and ready to be sent to your loved one. This basket is perfect for foodies, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the dryness of a cabernet, paired with some creamy cheese and crispy treats.

3. White Wine & Snax Gift Box

best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping

If you are shopping for a white wine lover, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In the lovely designed, elegant box, you will find a Sycamore Lane Chardonnay from California – a crisp white wine with apple and pear aromas. To accompany the wine, there are some neat gourmet goodies – Brie cheese spread, some pepper crackers, and delicious sweets.

Possibly the best thing about this basket are Chambéry chocolate raspberry truffles – soft, creamy and straight from the Alps. Add some crunchy toffee peanuts into the mix, and you got yourself a perfect holiday gift!

4. Hearts Desire Washington Red Blend Wine and Chocolate Gift Set

best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping

If you’re looking for a romantic bottle of red wine, with some dark chocolate to complement it – look no further. This gift box comes with a Hearts Desire Washington Red Blend from the Naked winery, along with two elegant glasses and 60% cocoa dark chocolate.

Although not flashy, this gift is intimate, meaningful, and perfect for couples. After all, wine and dark chocolate are both powerful aphrodisiacs, right?

5. Much Appreciated Red Wine Gift Basket

best cheap wine gift baskets with free shipping

Packed with some tasty, crunchy sweets, this gift basket is an absolute delight. The exotic Don Alfonso Merlot comes straight from Valle del Maule in Chile, and packs a strong note of dark chocolate and cherry. It is said that this valley was settled by the descendants of Don Alfonso – the ruler of Spain in the 14th century!

The lucky owner of this basket gets to enjoy some exquisite Belgian chocolate, cream filled pastry and some delicious crunchy sweets, like pistachios and cranberry raisin & nut mix. The basket itself is beautifully designed, with a sturdy metal base, and an appealing floral pattern.

Final Word

As you can see, it’s possible to get a great gift at an affordable price – these charming little gift baskets are sure to make a good impression and show your loved ones how much you care for them. Filled with great wine, heavenly treats, sweets, and snacks, they are sure to cause a smile and give the recipient a memory they will surely cherish for some time.