Most Expensive Gift Baskets [Over $450 ] December 11, 2017 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

When shopping for the most expensive gift baskets, you need to ask yourself this — do I get enough value for my money? This is an important question if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion, and are ready to pay serious money for it.

You want to make sure you get a high standard of quality for all the food items in the basket, not just the ones in the pictures. Also, you want a gift that makes a great first impression, that looks the part.

To make everything easier for you, we’ve selected the most extravagant gift baskets around. Whether you’re looking for a get well, corporate, sympathy, or holiday gift basket, you can’t go wrong with the following choices. Featuring an eclectic variety of wonderful gourmet foods and artisanal products, these baskets may cost a lot, but they’re worth every penny.

1. First Class Taste of The World Gift Trunk

Most Expensive Gift Baskets

Impressive inside and out, this wonderful gift features a trunkload of savory delights. Whether it’s an anniversary, a corporate event, or some other event, the oversized steamer trunk this gift comes packed in won’t fail to make a lasting impression. A big portion of the treats inside come in the form of signature cheese, including the 18-month-old Beemster Classic Gouda and the famed Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar, which has been dipped in black wax to preserve its flavor and consistency.

Other hand-crafted cheeses from Switzerland, Oregon, France, and Italy complement these savories, making this gift any cheese lover’s dream. But there’s plenty of room left in that trunk for other delights as well.

Specialty San Daniele prosciutto and Creminelli salami with black truffles are two of the highlights. Together with the Dutch mini toasts and Australian water crisps they can be great party starters. Another key item that arrests the eye is the premium, organic, unfiltered Albereto Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, an ideal bread dip, and salad dressing.

Coffee and tea are also well represented, with the China Black Tea Brick and Mulvadi Coffee from Kona in Hawaii. Brownies in an exquisite gift box, a fine box of chocolates from Michel Cluizel, and crème brûlée almonds add sweetness to the world flavors carefully packaged in this gift.

Brimming with lasting, unforgettable flavors, this gift trunk truly stands out. If paying a little extra for shipping isn’t a problem, then this is a spectacular choice.

2. Park Avenue Gift Basket

Most Expensive Gift Baskets

Crowned with a prized bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne, this abundant gift box brings together exclusive Lindt and Godiva sweets, together with plenty of mouth-watering snacks. Creamy gourmet truffles and almond-rich dark chocolate bring sweetness to any table, while all-natural Torn Ranch pome frais gel candies will enchant strawberry lovers.

Another delicious reason to choose this gift is the fig and orange spread full of flavor that can enhance any dessert. It’s also perfect for pairing with fine cheese, offering a tantalizing start to a multi-course meal.

Honey-roasted peanuts are one of the savory snacks you’ll find inside, and they can set the stage for an unforgettable toast. For a more exotic flavor, the fortunate recipient of this gift can try the tropical island mix with dried mango, papaya, and coconut, which strikes a fine balance between sweetness and freshness.

3. The Grandest Celebration Deluxe Gourmet Food Holiday Gift Basket

Most Expensive Gift Baskets

To call this gift basket big would be an understatement. With it, you can offer a loved one a tableful of specialty treats and other delicious food. The appetizers in this basket set the stage for many treats to come. Combining salty and sweet snacks, this proves to be an exhaustive gourmet foods gift, one that can take anyone on a beautiful journey of discovery.

With three varieties of gourmet sausages, a dozen cheeses and cheese spreads, and premium truffles, cookies, toffees, and chocolates, this is a gift that can be shared with loved ones. But what really makes it stand out is not so much its size as its fine selection of gourmet foods.

Caviar, smoked salmon, and artisanal Italian dip — you’ll find all of them inside, and more. As a bonus, the recipient gets a 15×9 inch cutting board and a stainless-steel cheese spreader.

4. Pacifica Gourmet Crate

Most Expensive Gift Baskets

Just because a gift basket is replete with gourmet foods doesn’t make it unhealthy. The Pacifica Gourmet Crate is a nutritious alternative to the usual high-carb diet that many gift baskets promote. Packed in a hand-crafted wood crate, this gift will take the recipient on a rich journey of discovery and exploration, full of summertime fruits, delicious nuts, and premium chocolates and sweets.

The many delights inside include raspberry truffles, curried cashews, dried pineapple slices, and blood orange wheels dipped in white chocolate. Think healthy oils and protein snacks, and you won’t be wrong.

One of the highlights of this gift basket is the unique gourmet floral chocolate bar which you won’t find in any other basket. And don’t forget about dark chocolate almonds, nicely packed in a premium tin — they’re crunchy!

5. Holiday VIP Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Most Expensive Gift Baskets

Our list of the most expensive gift baskets wouldn’t be complete without the Holiday VIP Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Basket. This wooden trunk brims with carefully packaged gourmet treats ranging from the carefully salty to the decadently sweet.

The happy owner of this gift can start strong with premium caviar, smoked Alaskan salmon, beef summer sausages flavored with cranberries, and gourmet crackers.

Sweetness is then guaranteed by the Godiva chocolate cashews and cinnamon glazed Georgia pecans. Other treats that will be hard to say no to include Italian biscotti, gourmet coffee bricks, and the simple delights of dark chocolate mints.

There’s a lot more to discover inside from fine Belgian chocolatiers and organic farms, but that’s something the recipients can do at their own pace.

The Bottom Line

More than gift baskets, these oversized, gourmet-packed boxes, crates, and trunks are designed to impress. Together with the richness of gourmet food, they bring the excitement that comes with unpacking a great-looking gift. Choose any of these and you’ll create not only joy but a wonderful memory your recipient won’t easily forget.