8 Best Food Gift Baskets [2018] December 11, 2017 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

Finding the best gift food baskets for the occasion is pretty easy these days, but it does take some time. Swamped with options, you may hesitate between gourmet gifts, fruit baskets, or some other choice, and time may pass unnoticed. But even though we may enjoy gift-shopping online, most of us usually can’t afford to spend too much time on it. Nor do we have to.

When you know where to look, you can find the right gift faster, without sacrificing quality. To make everything easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most inspired food baskets around. Full of great flavors from famed farms, family-run bakeries and chocolate shops, these gifts are ideal for any special occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, an important holiday, or a corporate event.

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer. Discover the gourmet foods, sweets, and fruits of the best gift food baskets.

1. Harry’s Gift Box

best gift food baskets

Who said a gift box has to be sophisticated? Sometimes simple is best. The hickory-smoked summer sausage and sharp white cheddar cheese in this basket are as tasty as they sound. But the centerpiece is the half a dozen Royal Riviera pears, one of Harry & David’s signature treats. Sweetly ripe and juicy, these pears are a perfect treat after the simple delights of the mixed nuts and caramel-flavored Moose Munch Premium popcorn also included.

Among the other savory snacks inside you’ll find three-seed crackers, packed with protein and healthy oils. Combining sweet, sharp, and rich flavors, this well-matched gift is perfect for someone special in your life, whether they’re a relative, friend, or someone you’ve just met.

2. Chocolate Lover’s Premier Gift Basket

best gift food baskets

Featuring some of the finest chocolate flavors in the world, this is the ultimate chocolate gift. Highlights include the exclusive, single-origin Pacari Organic Chocolates from Ecuador, the luxurious Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s candy bar, and all-natural Kenzi French Chocolate truffles.

Another treat you’ll find inside is the chocolate-covered biscuit pack crafted by the Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye. A family-run biscuit factory located in a small village of Normandy, the Biscuiterie has been crafting delicious treats for more than 50 years.

You can use this basket as a standalone gift, or a delicious accompaniment to another gift. Either way, you can rest assured that the fine blend of chocolates from around the world will take the recipient on a savory journey that spans continents and centuries.

3. The Luxury Birthday Gift Basket

best gift food baskets

When you’re not sure what your basket should contain, you may as well put in everything. With its fine selection of epicurean delights and its inspired wine duo, this choice basket adds elegance and style to the usual birthday gift basket.

The treat begins with spicy-seasoned peanuts, sesame sticks, and almonds, and continues with a winning trio: wild-caught Pacific smoked salmon, velvety Rutherford Camembert cheese, and crisp Italian crackers made with authentic olive oil and sea salt.

For a smooth, dark treat try the Godiva 72% dark chocolate. Or jump straight to the milk chocolate truffles with their rich pomegranate cream core.

This gourmet food gift brings together some of the most popular gift foods in a tasty and tasteful combination. Also included, you’ll find a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and old-vine Zinfandel, two reliable drinks fit for almost any type of meal.

4. Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

best gift food baskets

The name of this gourmet treat prepares you for the many savors inside. You get gourmet chocolate, crispy wafer rolls, fine mixes of nuts, and chocolate-covered Bavarian pretzels, all in a spacious, well-crafted basket.

This gift’s flavors unfold gradually and can keep your gesture fresh in the recipient’s mind for days. This gift basket is full of delicious gourmet snacks like Blueberry Greek Yogurt cookies and pretzel balls covered in milk chocolate. There’s also a bit of fruitiness inside, thanks to the premium nut and dried fruit mix.

Treats like the Cashew Roca buttercrunch, caramel popcorn, or assorted milk toffees can complement any meal, making this gift one that can be enjoyed with loved ones.

The crunchy and melting flavors inside make this gift a great excuse for almost any occasion, whether private or corporate. It’s one of the best gift food baskets around as far as value goes.

5. Gluten Free Gift Basket Classic

best gift food baskets

Not only delicious but also healthy, this choice gift brings together in an attractive package fruit bars, chocolate chips, and organic hard candies. A fine selection of fruity energy bars from Liberty Orchards can power up any breakfast.

Sweet and salty snacks like Off the Cob Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips and hand-cooked Old Dominion Butter Toffee Peanuts can keep the energy high throughout the day. Another great reason to stop work for a snack is the fulfilling 180 Snacks trail mix with juicy pomegranates and fresh blueberries. Last but not least, Golden BonBon Almond Nougat made with Alberta Clover Leaf honey adds a gourmet touch to this gift.

This energy-packed gift can also serve as an inspired sympathy gift basket. It’s unobtrusive and offers a healthy mix of protein and good fats.

6. Birthday Deluxe Epicurean Meat & Cheese Basket

best gift food baskets

Make a wonderful impression with a gourmet basket featuring premium American-made cheeses and delicious spreads and dips. Dip appetizers can add richness to any meal, and this basket features two from the famed Robert Rothschild Farm. Enjoy the sweetly biting dip of raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip or the full flavor of the roasted red pepper and onion dip.

For cheese lovers, this gift has two fresh treats in store for them: Rouge et Noir Original Brie cheese and Aged Goat Cheddar cheese from Sierra Nevada. Smooth and delicious, these cheeses can enrich any breakfast or brunch.

Complementing the rich flavor of the cheese is the hand-tied Italian dry salami. You can enjoy it with the water crackers included, but it’s also great on toast or crunchy bread.

For gourmet food lovers, this can be a careful and attentive gift. If lactose intolerance isn’t a problem, the fresh cheeses and accompanying dips can make it a delicious treat.

7. Wine Country Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

best gift food baskets

Brimming with good and tasty wishes, this big gourmet gift makes a bold statement. There’s a bit of everything in it, from sundried tomato and cheese baguettes to smoked salmon and Ahmad English tea.

But a few specialty items stand out. One of them is the spicy Daniele Friuli Brand Sopressata Salame, whose elaborate flavor is something that gourmets will readily appreciate. Another is the Sonoma Jacks Garlic & Herb cheese, nicely packed in delicious wedges.

There’s a lot of sweetness in this basket, too. Classic Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate is a sure way to sweeten anyone’s day, while the pecan caramel sundae Truffle from Godiva and the Walkers Dessert Chocolates Collection give sweet shapes to fulfilling flavors.

Little treats like galettes from Le Grande Galette and oven-baked cookies complement the main flavors of this basket. Overall, this is a big gift that calls for a big occasion. Be it an anniversary, celebration, or holiday, this is a versatile choice that can please even those whose particular tastes you don’t know that well.

8. Vegetarian Lifestyle Gift Basket

best gift food baskets

If you’re looking for a meat-free alternative to the usual food gift basket, this one could be it. Mixing a selection of artisan cheese with mini toasts, tapenade, and fine French cookies, this gift looks good and tastes even better.

Talking of cheese, there’s plenty in it to choose from. Kerrygold Dubliner comes with a robust flavor and a hard, pleasing texture. It feels like healthy cheese from good old days. For more eclectic palates, Cranberry Chevre topped with cranberries and flavored with cinnamon can be an unexpected discovery.
Gourmet food lovers will also like the rich flavors of Conserve Della Nonna’s Olive Tapenade and Artichoke Tapenade. Both are perfect as spreads on crackers or toast. Rich and fulfilling, they can add richness to any brunch.

Trouvillais butter biscuits made at the famed Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye use local fruit to create a rich taste. They complement nicely the other treats in this basket and make you feel like you’re getting more than enough for your money.

Conclusion: The Best Gift Food Baskets for You

Great gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes and reflect all tastes. Whether they’re packed with mouth-watering sweets and cheeses or only provide the simple delights of a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, they can beautifully acknowledge someone’s worth and appreciation.

A gift basket, especially when it’s unexpected, can make a great impression and strengthen a relationship, regardless of its contents. Since choices abound, you really have no excuse not to pick a gift that suits the person who’s going to receive it.

All the baskets above met a high-quality standard and can serve as an inspiring gift. That said, you may find that one or the other suits the person and the occasion better than the others. So, choose your gift thoughtfully and the response will be even better.