Top 10 New Orleans Gift Baskets December 11, 2017 – Posted in: Gift Baskets

New Orleans gift baskets combine local specialties that you can’t find anywhere else. Let’s not forget that New Orleans is famous around the world for its indigenous cuisine. Local ingredients and recipes join with Cajun, French, Spanish, African, and Native American influences to create unique flavors.

But with so many delicious things to eat in the Big Easy, how do you choose the right ones for the occasion? The challenge when shopping for New Orleans gift baskets is finding baskets that feature authentic foods made from local ingredients.

One of the charms of the city’s cuisine is that it has always been open to interpretation. While that’s good for creative chefs, you want to aim for authenticity.

To make your search easier, we’ve shortlisted 10 top gift baskets that feature the best local products from New Orleans.

1. New Orleans in a Box

New Orleans gift baskets

The highlights of this authentic gift are Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines and of Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix. But if you’re looking for something more substantial for dinner, the red beans, and rice with Louisiana Cajun seasoning won’t disappoint you.

2. A Taste of the Big Easy

New Orleans gift baskets

Featuring locally made snacks, this tasteful gift brings the recipient the flavor of The Big Easy. Find inside Fleur de Lis Turtle chocolate, New Orleans Candied Pecans, and the satisfying Peach Vidalia Salsa. Washing it all down is easy with the Abita root beet included.

3. Who Dat Fish Fry Gift Basket

New Orleans gift baskets

Aunt Sally’s one of the most popular brands in New Orleans, and it’s well represented in this basket. Cajun roasted pecans, creamy pralines, and Louisiana Beer Batter Fish Fry make for an eclectic combination. This tasty gift also includes a beautifully etched map glass of New Orleans.

4. Monsieur Jacques Gift Basket

New Orleans gift baskets

Discover the simple joys of the Muffuletta mix, pecan log roll, and Louisiana pecan pepper jelly, together with plenty of other local treats. All of them are nicely bundled in this anniversary basket.

5. French Quarter Stroll

New Orleans gift baskets

The gourmet foods in this thank-you basket capture the spirit and style of one of the city’s most important areas. The sesame water crackers and Brie cheese duo will prepare the recipient for the full flavors of the Fleur de Lis chocolate and Praline & Cream Liqueur.

6. Basketry Signature

New Orleans gift baskets

Southern Candymaker’s Tortue, Sucre Magnolia Truffle Sleeve, and Aunt Sally’s Cafe Au Lait Praline give this gourmet set its rich and startling flavors. The happy recipient will also find inside Fleur de Lyeth Red Wine together with two shatter-proof glasses.

7. Red Beans N Rice Pirogue Gift Set

New Orleans gift baskets

Promoting the local red beans and rice tradition, this tasty gift set includes the city’s famous Camellia Red Beans, Zatarain’s long grain rice, and the delicious Chrystal Hot Sauce. The pirogue in which the items in this set will float toward their recipient celebrates the Cajuns’ historic boat. Once it empties, it can be used as a decoration.

8. Golden Gourmet

New Orleans gift baskets

A perfect corporate gift, Golden Gourmet brings together Pecan Shortbread Cookies, French Market coffee, and Poppin’ Pecan popcorn. Local influences are all too obvious, but unlike other locally-made baskets, this one also borrows savory treats from the Robert Rothschild farm. This is a fantastic gift basket for anyone who loves local foods.

9. As Good As Gold

New Orleans gift baskets

Simple but delightful, this small gift basket features New Orleans roasted pecans, sesame water crackers, delicious local popcorn, and Fleur de Lis chocolate turtle. When you need a convincing way to say thank you, this gift can help you.

10. Taste of New Orleans

New Orleans gift baskets

Crawfish Jelly, Slap Ya MaMa seasoning, and Creole Cajun hot nuts are only some of the delicious treats that the Taste of New Orleans offers. Also, found inside are the city’s famed pralines and some pretty hot sauces.

As you can see, New Orleans gift baskets come in many shapes and sizes. But though the presentation always differs, the treats of the local cuisine — pralines, fine chocolate, local beans, and hot sauces — keep showing up again and again. That’s hardly an accident — taste them once, and you’ll want to taste them again and again. If you’re looking for something not related to New Orleans see our list of top gourmet gift baskets.